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ChipFind поиск электронных компонентов



Nice to told you that we do electronic components and we are a professional electronic components Agents and distributor ,hope to serve for you .

Специализация: Lead daily Technology Limited is a professional worldwide distributor which provide integrated circuit chip (IC), capacitor, resistance, diode, triode, connector, relay and so on. We can support : ATMEL POWER , MICROCHIP , TI , ADI, IR, NXP ,MAX,ON, FTDI,ATMEL,LATTICE,MICRON ALTERA , INF ,TYCO,TDK,MURATA,AVX,and so on . Relay : NAIS OMRON FUJITSU、TAKAMISAWA OKITA FINDER ,TYCO ,NEC Our diversified products are widely used in wireless communication, fiber communication, medical devices, measuring instruments, industrial, aviation, automobile, and high-end consumer electronics. If you want to know more inforamtion ,pls check our websites : www.leaddaily.net

Производители: If you have any help for finding components ,any brand inquiry not only Xilinx or Cypress Or Altrea or HVCA is welcomed by us . We have several strong brands such as MAX,ATMEL ,ON ,PHI ,ALTERA ,EPSON ,ST , MICROCHIP , TI , ADI, IR, NXP, .TOSHIBA,LATTICE,ALLERGO ,MICRON,CYPRESS and so on . Relay:TYCO ORMON HONGFA and inductors .

Сумма минимального заказа: 10000000USD

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    Room505,YiYao Building-1 , Bin He Road 3018,Futian District, Shenzhen, 518033,GuangDong ,China
    Тел.: (0755) 88357892, факс: (0755) 88357892
    E-mail: info@leaddaily.net
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