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FY Advanced Tech


FY Advanced Tech is not only electronic components distributor, but can create more value for customers.

We have a strong Chinese supply chain system which can search for hard to find and discontinued parts, urgently L/T needs,shortage items, bom list kitting ...

We supply more security than just electronic parts. As you know the market inventory full of non-existent information,our experienced professionals can determine the true information. With our careful acceptance inspections through Microscopic,X-ray inspection etc..(please check the details from our quality control page), we prevent the delivery of counterfeit and defective products.
We also can help you recommend cross part number for inexpensive solutions ( Please check details for page Inexpensive solutions )
In order to meet your further business needs, we provide value-added services like : Re-reel/tape, baking and dry, programming before shipment, find PCBA/SMT factories, Excess Stock Solution for each other etc.
I believe with our strong source ability and your excellent sales network, it will be a win-win situation

  • Китай, SHENZHEN
    Тел.: (00852) 26329756
    E-mail: sales1@fya-tech.com
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