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Vishay New Series of Half-Bridge 600-V and 1200-V IGBT Modules

Vishay Releases New Series of Half-Bridge 600-V and 1200-V IGBT Modules With High Current Ratings from 75 A to 200 A in Int-A-Pak Package

Standard and Ultrafast Devices Offer Standard PT, Generation 4, and Generation 5 NPT IGBT Technologies for Hard Switching Operating Frequencies up to 60 kHz, and > 200 kHz in Resonant Mode

MALVERN, PENNSYLVANIA. — March 14, 2008 — Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. (NYSE: VSH) today launched a new series of half-bridge insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBT) in the industry-standard Int-A-Pak package. The series consists of eight 600-V and 1200-V devices that offer a variety of technologies for high hard switching operating frequencies in standard and Ultrafast speeds.

The eight new devices released today feature three different IGBT technologies to meet a variety of application needs. The GA100TS60SFPbF and GA200HS60S1PbF offer standard punch-through (PT) IGBT technology, while the GA200TS60UPbF, GA75TS120UPbF, and GA100TS120UPbF devices utilize Generation 4 technology for tighter parameter distribution and high efficiency. The GB100TS60NPbF, GB150TS60NPbF, and GB200TS60NPbF modules offer Generation 5 non-punch-through (NPT) technology for the added benefit of 10-µs short circuit capabilities.

The GA100TS60SFPbF and GA200HS60S1PbF are standard-speed devices optimized for hard switching operating frequencies up to 1 kHz. The other six IGBTs are Ultrafast modules co-packaged with HEXFRED® ultra-soft-recovery anti-parallel diodes for use in bridge configurations. The Ultrafast devices are designed for high operating frequencies from 8 kHz to 60 kHz in hard switching, and > 200 kHz in resonant mode.

Featuring high current ratings from 75 A to 200 A with low power losses, Vishay.s new IGBT series is optimized for isolated and non-isolated converters, switches, inverters, and choppers in high-frequency industrial welding, UPS, SMPS, solar inverter, and motor drive applications. For output inverter TIG welder applications, the IGBTs offer the lowest Vce(on) at rated current available in the market for “S” series modules.

The new IGBTs are lead (Pb)-free and provide simple, direct mounting to the heatsink. The devices offer low EMI for less snubbing, and provide very low junction to case thermal resistance.

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