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Kyent Indistrial Co., Limited

Kyent Indistrial Co., Limited


Specializing on distributing in lines of electronics components and servicing in microelectronics industry, as well as stepping together with new times of information era, Shenzhen Kyent Industrial Co.Limited, Limited, which founded in Shenzhen, since 2015, is making progress and benefit with Mainland China OEMs/ODMs, Singapore EMS as well as EU and US customers worldwide.
Shenzhen Kyent Industrial Co.Limited is your reliable partner in global supply chain and industry-front electronic components distributing. We are focusing on helping create component lifecycle and streamlining manufacturing processing and servicing you through challenging market trends, inventory and supply chain management.

Специализация: stock-keeping independent IC distributor

Производители: Renesas, TI, ADI, Infineon, Microchip, STM, NXP, Xilinx, Altera, ON, Vicor, Broadcom

Регионы: all the world

Сумма минимального заказа: $100

  • Китай, Hong Kong
    Longhua District, Minzhi Town, Sunnac Wisdom Building, д. Block C, оф. 2005
    Тел.: (86) 755 21077475
    E-mail: tim@kyent.cn
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