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Grand Power Trading Co.,Ltd ZPSD311B-90JI,PSD311B-90JI,Programmable chip IN STOCK

■ Single Supply Voltage:
– 5 V±10% for PSD3xx, ZPSD3xx, PSD3xxR,
– 2.7 to 5.5 V for ZPSD3xxV, ZPSD3xxRV
■ Up to 1 Mbit of EPROM
■ Up to 16 Kbit SRAM
■ Input Latches
■ Programmable I/O ports
■ Page Logic
■ Programmable Security
Подробнее: ZPSD311B-90JI,PSD311B-90JI,Pro... IN STOCK

Grand Power Trading Co.,Ltd

Welcome to Shenzhen Grand Power Trading Co.,Ltd Electronic Components Supplier to the UK and worldwide Since 2001. The company mainly passive components and integrated circuits, independent distributors. Provide the quotation and evaluation of BOM for more than ten thousands of OEMs, ODMs ,R&Ds and Universities all over the world. More than 200000 Ics in stock for selection. 500000 parts of ICs, Transistors,Resistors available. Ourstrongestbrand:SAMSUNG,ADI,AMD,ATMEL,ALTERA,MAXIM,CYPRESS, DALLAS,INTEL,IR,MICROCHIP,ON,MURATA,TI/NSC,VISHAY,NXP,FIRCHILD, Infineon, Connectivity brand. Shenzhen Grand Power Trading Co.,Ltd address:2939,Guoli Bldg,Zhenhua Rd.,Futian Shenzhen Guangdong China 518031 Tel:(86)755 83794972 Fax:(86)755 83677875 WhatsAPP:86-13590233383 Skype:tomtom221968 Email: RFQ@commercialic.com Visit us at: www.grandpowerTrading.com

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