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Goford Electronics Shenzhen Goford Electronics Co,.Ltd

Shenzhen Goford Electronics Co,.Ltd Since the foundation in 1995, Goford Semiconductor has been developing into a global company with offices in USA, 
Hong Kong, Australia, Shenzhen and Jiangsu .
We have been always devoting in the R&D and sales of the power Mosfets products.  
We focus on the energy efficiency, mobility and reliability to provide cost effective products to the market.
We welcome friends worldwide to work together. 
Подробнее: www.goford.cn

Goford Electronics

   We can  supply you best price with superior quality. It is appreciated a lot if you tell me the part number you need.   Attachment is Goford regular products list. Free samples can be delivered. Any question  is  wecoming  and   appreciated.

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