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JOTRIN ELECTRONICS 2017 Global Semiconductor Industry Top 10

2017 Global Semiconductor Industry Top 10According to the latest data released by Gartner, Samsung Semiconductor topped the list of global semiconductors in 2017, and Intel fell from the throne that had monopolized 25 years, ranking second.
In addition, SK Hynix rose from fourth place in 2016 to third place. Micron rose from sixth place in 2016 to fourth place. Western Digital did not enter the top ten in 2016 and rose to ninth place in 2017. .
Among the top ten companies in the top 10 in 2017, Intel retreated from the first place in 2016 to second place. Qualcomm retreated from third place in 2016 to fourth place. Broadcom went back from fifth place in 2016 to In the sixth place, NXP retreated from the ninth place in 2016 to tenth place. Tenth MediaTek has fallen out of the top10 in 2016.

The global semiconductor industry, the TOP 10 companies are:
Samsung, Intel , SK Hynix , Micron, Qualcomm, Broadcom Texas Instruments , Toshiba , Western Digital , NXP
Prospective Industry Research Institute of "China's semiconductor industry strategic planning and corporate strategy consulting report 2018-2023" data show that in 2017 the world's semiconductor industry grew 22.2%, mainly from the memory product market demand, capacity has not yet expanded and the market is in the rankings The top 3 companies. As a result, the shortage of the market caused the price of memory to soar. Among them, NAND Flash prices increased by 17%, DRAM memory chips increased by 44%.Gradually, the memory makers: Samsung Semiconductor increased 52.6%, SK hynix increased 79%, Micron increased 78.1%, Toshiba increased 29.2%.
Western Digital and Toshiba jointly entered the memory chip business, benefiting from 2017 and an increase of 120.2% year-on-year, marking the first time among the world's top ten semiconductor companies.
In contrast, in the world semiconductor market in 2017, the data center processor only grew by 6%, and the PC processor only increased by 1.9%, making Intel only grow 6.7%. In addition, the year-on-year growth rates of Qualcomm, Broadcom and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. are lower than those of the industry as a whole, and NXP and MediaTek are also experiencing declining performance.
Samsung: Tops the semiconductor industry for the first time and is expected to take the top place in 2018
Samsung's revenue in 2017 increased 19% year-on-year to 239.58 trillion won (US$223.456 billion), and operating profit rose 83% year-on-year to 53.65 trillion won (about US$50.39 billion). Among them, the sales of semiconductor business was 61.2 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 30% of the total revenue, surpassing Intel's ranking as the world's top semiconductor.
Among them, the strong demand for memory chips has become a major factor driving Samsung Electronics's profit. Storage and display business have increased by 54% and 51% respectively in the fourth quarter of last year, and consumer appliances and mobile communications services have declined slightly year-on-year. This data is enough to prove that Samsung's revenue center has been gradually transferred from consumer products to storage, display and other raw material supply.
In 2018, Samsung expects that the world will maintain strong demand for NAND, DRAM and server SSD, and Samsung Electronics will also actively expand its own SoC applications in areas such as automotive, VR and Internet of Things. So even if the foundry business is about to bottom out, Samsung is still very optimistic about this sector.
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